Telephone Solutions
Telephone Solutions
  • Fixed monthly cost – in most cases costs can be fixed for your contract duration with inclusive minute call packages – so no unexpected bills
  • Cost effective – When you include line rental, maintenance, calls and making changes it typically works out at a similar or better cost to an older onsite system.
  • New features and bug fixes are available immediately. A Could – hosted system is always up – to – date and there is no downtime or extra cost.
  • Improved efficiencies – the monitoring/reporting packages can highlight areas where your business can save money by highlighting user – cost profiles.
  • Quality control – through call recording, the content your staff are delivering can be monitored to check compliance, customer services and standards.
  • Remote/mobile working – you can set up your handset anywhere as if still at your desk – even better your mobile can act as your desk phone so you can transfer calls back to the office or to other departments – just as you could if you were at your desk.
  • Planning a move – As the system works over the data network it becomes simple to move in the event the office moves. Simply unplug from the existing site and connect into the new data network at your new site and the phone will work exactly as it did at the old office.
  • Simplicity – The hosted services we provide are so very simple that with 5 minute walk through on installation everyone can be up and running but we can provide in-depth training, online videos and user guides if required. Most people have used a phone so can use the system without any input.
Telephone System

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